Arabia is one of the world’s largest food markets. Folklore and mythology, tradition and culture, history and modern society – all offer glimpses into the strong binding of the land with spices and pearls. Drawing its inspiration from the region, AL BADIA brand products launched in Qatar in January 2017.
Manned by a team of seasoned professionals, who not only understand the market requirements but are also passionate about the products marketed, Al Badia today has a team of 100 plus employees involved in production and marketing.


Sheikh / Abdulrahman bin Mohamed bin Jabor Al-Thani – Chairman

With great pleasure we introduce you to Al Badia under Transind Holding. Today, we can look back with great pride at a track-record marked with growth and success.
In the space of more than 3 decades and thanks to the wonderful contribution of all our employees and their full dedication, the future of our business is taking on the dimension of a fine collective successful journey.
The mutual partnerships we have built with our customers and suppliers world-wide3 & their trust in our capabilities, high quality products and working teams has greatly contributed to the realization & fulfillment of our vision. We extend our greatest gratitude to all the trusting parties and we are requesting their continual love, trust and encouragement for upcoming business growth.

Sheikh / Jabor bin Abdulrahman bin Mohamed bin Jabor Al-Thani – Managing Director

In several years, our global approach which is centered entirely on customer needs has put us in the forefront of progress in the Food Trading Segment. The reason for our success can be explained by a series of unique talents and skills. A passion for the profession which allows us to bring highly reliable and customer worldwide trusted products.
A strong motivation by all our business partners who are aware that our success, directly translate into their own success. This sense of ownership is one of our mainstays. In fact, our company is based exclusively on the individual, our clients & our employees. Customer satisfaction and the development of employees are our main goals. And it is by focusing on these ideals that we are profitable. Our partners, our customers & our suppliers know that our quest for improvement in quality is continuous.
We believe that “In the race for quality, there is no finish line”.


Rice & Pasta

Canned Food


Dry food

Juices & Water



Doha - Qatar - Area No. 28 Old Caliphate / Ras Abu Aboud - Bahar Street No. 840 - PO Box: 1772

Tel: +974 4441 7935  /   +974 4441 7852
Fax: +974 4442 1043 


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